I want a new job in 2012! Improve Your Job Search With These Online Resources

Undertaking a search for a new job in 2012 is nothing like what it was when I started in recruitment 20 years ago. I seem to remember we looked in the local newspaper on a Thursday. If we were aspirational and wanted to move up the employment ladder we would buy a copy of a national newspaper to find the higher paid jobs and marvel at the salaries on offer for the really top jobs… oh, and we might have asked a friend if he knew of anything suitable.

Well have times changed. I haven’t bought a newspaper for 4+ years, local or national. Its pretty much a certainty that if you have an internet connection via a desktop, laptop, pad or mobile you are connected somehow to social media and that’s all you need (most of the time). By being involved with many mainstream websites that deliver personal social or business social networks you will be close to the ‘job scene’. Every minute of every day somewhere on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin et al there will be a recruiter or company advertising career opportunities.

Problem is there is just too much activity for you to monitor by browsing on the net and too many jobs being promoted across a huge number of media platforms, many of which are of absolutely no interest to you!

Here’s a couple of social media orientated lists that will:

1. Help you monitor and manage online jobs that you will be interested in. No harm in keeping an eye out.

2. Help to create a professional profile that recruiters can find easily when searching for talent… yes you!

Social Media Job Search Sites & Tools

Social Networking Sites & Branding Tools

  • Linkedin.com – Largest professional network on the web
  • Visualcv.com – Free multimedia online resume
  • Rezscore.com – Grade your resume.  Best resumes go on the Leadership board
  • Vizibility.com – Optimize Your Google Search Results and Create your own “Google Me” button
  • Peoplepond.com – Free professional profile tool connecting all your social profiles
  • profiles.google.com – Create a profile that shows in Google searches
  • About.me – Create Splash page that directs visitors to all your social profiles
  • Gist.com – Manage all your network connections in one convenient place

Now of course this isn’t an exhaustive list as new websites and communities are popping up every day, but for those that have been not much better than a headless chicken when using social media for a job search then it will get you on the right path.

If you know of any particularly good websites that job seekers can use to brand themselves and monitor jobs in their area of interest please add a comment below. 

If your company is missing the cutting edge of sophisticated social business to attract top talent then perhaps you need to use the services of boutique social media recruiters. CNA Executive Search can help you find the talent you need via targeted recruitment engagement techniques. Give us a call on +44 121 702 1481 to find out more or email Gavin Chase, Social Media Headhunter  at gavin.chase@cnaint.com.


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The 'Betting' Headhunter | Social Media Headhunter The war for talent will get more intense as available human capital reduces over the next decade. The demand for consultancy orientated talent acquisition & recruitment services from experienced, proactive and knowlegeable recruitment search professionals and head hunters will intensify, specifically from those who offer niche offerings around specific markets. Are you seeking top permanent or interim performers in igaming, gambling, betting and casino or seeking social media specialists via proactive search methodologies: Chief Fraud & Risk Management Officer Head of Networks & Security IT Director, Online Gaming Global Trading Director Group HR Director Operations Director International Business Development Director Managing Director Marketing Director Senior HR Business Partner Chief Operating Officer Product Development Director eGaming Operations Manager Finance Director Social Media Marketing Manager Social Media Account Manager Digital Marketing Executive Director of Social Media Social Media Business Development Social Media & Community Manager In House Social Media Recruitment Manager VIP Development Director SEO Manager VP Customer Experience Operations Director, International Director of Regulatory Affairs Interim Mobile Application Manager CTO COO CFO CSO perhaps we should be speaking in order to ensure that your business has access to them. I do not work with job boards but am a proactive head hunter with 20 years experience recruiting in your market! Explore your next job or career challenge! Its all about your aspirations... Email: gavin.chase@cnaint.com Mob: 44(0)7838 206602 DDI: 44(0) 121 702 1481 Skype: the.betting.headhunter Speaker at The Fordyce Forum 2009, Las Vegas. Trained 20 years ago by James Caan of The Dragon's Den fame and Doug Bugie, current CEO of Antal
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