Low Level Laser Treatment for Hair Restoration


Low level laser light, when applied to the scalp, is one of the newest therapies to treat hair loss. Laser therapies for hair restoration are available through hand-held laser devices and may be used at home, or in a medical setting under a physician’s supervision.


What are the facts about laser therapy for hair loss? Let’s take a look through evidence-based facts and unsubstantiated claims to learn about this treatment option.


Definitions: Understanding the Terminology
Lasers are widely used in medicine, in industry, in the military, and of course, as weapons in science-fiction. The laser’s energy used to stimulate hair growth is visible in the red light spectrum. Their use in treating hair loss and other medical conditions is defined as low-level laser therapy (LLLT). LLLT is sometimes included under a broader definition of phototherapy called “low-level light therapy” where the light-emitting device may be a laser…

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Mobile Business Headhunter

Barclays today (Thursday 16 February) launches Europe’s first person-to-person service for sending and receiving money using mobile phone numbers.

No more excuses that you haven’t any money on you to pay your mate his tenner back! Just dial his mobile number and make a payment then and there….

Barclays Pingit allows users to receive and send money, for free, to anyone with a UK current account and UK mobile phone number, simply by using that mobile number, without the need to share bank details.

The Barclays Pingit service will be available to current account customers of all UK banks and building societies, not just those with Barclays current accounts. At launch, only Barclays current account customers will be able to send money via the app, but all current account customers (UK residents and over 18), will be able to register online to receive money. The app will be available…

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Using content marketing to draw in the crowds!

Content marketing talent from CNA Executive searchIf its not interesting for the average punter, then its probably not smart marketing…. The human brain likes to learn and enjoys a good conversation or debate. B2B digital marketers are quickly coming to the realisation that their customers need to be engaged and ‘interested’ in what is being said otherwise they will move on to the next thing.

But there are many lessons still to be learnt around how the customer will react to a company’s great idea for social engagement, remember MacDonalds recently…. ooops. Content marketing may not be rocket science but it is a potential minefield of well meaning but ill thought out marketing initiative. Remember: Every action is accompanied by a reaction, so be careful out there!

Jeff Bullas says: “More companies and B2B marketers are now recognizing the power of content marketing, and the effect it is having on customer engagement and brand awareness specifically.

The other enabling factor in this mix is social media because having great content is all good but it needs to be made “visible“.

Social media adds leverage and provides the free “distribution technologies” to your content that were not available before, this adds the “X-Factor” and increases visibility and buzz and creates marketing synergy that is hard to stop.”

The Content Marketing Explosion by the Numbers

So what is the current status of content marketing and what are the marketers plans for 2012?

  • 90% of B2B marketers are doing some form of content marketing
  • 60% of B2B marketers plan to spend more on content marketing in 2012
  • The major content marketing tactic is article posting at 79%
  • B2B Marketers are investing on average 25% of their budget on content marketing (smaller companies are spending more)

Take a look at how content marketing has become a power source in marketing as a whole, and why it has become one of the fastest growing industries today.

Social media in business from CNA Executive search

There is of course a sound business reason to invest in online social media activities. If your company is missing the cutting edge of sophisticated social business to engage with your customers, either B2B or B2C, then perhaps you need to use the services of boutique social media recruiters. CNA Executive Search can help you find the talent you need via targeted recruitment engagement techniques. Give us a call on +44 121 702 1481 to find out more or email Gavin Chase, Social Media Headhunter at gavin.chase@cnaint.com.

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Don’t resign yet. Have a think and a chat!

review your social media careerIt will not have passed you by that we arrived into 2012 a few days ago and many of us have now ambled into our offices full of Christmas and New Year stories to share with our colleagues! The week is coming to an end and we now have come to the realisation that contrary to our wishes Father Christmas has not cleared our desk of all the things we failed to do before the festive season arrived at our door… so he really doesn’t exist then?

If you are like me, you didn’t actually switch off from the tasks at hand that you knew were awaiting you on your return, but the break did give us all a moment to reflect on what requires our immediate attention, the things we should have addressed but didn’t during 2011 and what we were going to do about them! More importantly, I found the time away an occasion to assess where potential market opportunities lie for our business by researching many igaming articles and blogs that so often seem to clog up my email inbox.

Stepping back from our businesses is a skill that many of us fail to implement, probably because we are too busy fulfilling the many tasks we have set ourselves or been set by management higher up the food chain. I can’t tell you how many trainers and business mentors have told me that it is an essential part of the working week and I know they are right because on the rare occasion I give myself the time to stand back and look (I mean really look) at where my team and I are, a clear understanding emerges.

The same idea is true for all of us when it comes to our careers. I am in the privileged position of speaking to many talented people in the igaming sector and it never ceases to surprise me how many cannot clearly outline their career aspirations. Now admittedly we are in the business of proactively searching out (headhunting) talent not necessarily on the job market, so they are not expecting us to call up and ask them what their ideal job would be(!), but it seems to be more likely that they can readily and in detail tell me what is wrong with the job they’ve got. We are all very good at complaining about our lot!

So here’s an idea for you all. If you are unhappy in your current career role take time out to understand what would make you passionate about turning up to the office every morning. Find a good time to have a word with your boss or human resources manager to help them understand how you are feeling – with the positive spin on what you could be doing for the company.

Any good employer should welcome your feedback and if you are valued they will make an effort to try and address the situation.

Time and time again employees only lay out their ‘issues’ when they are pushed to do so when they hand in a resignation letter. Too late. 

There are a number of reasons why I say ‘too late’.

1. If this is the only time you feel you can tell the company, you have a bad boss!

2. If the subject of your career has only come up because you resigned, you have a bad boss!

3. The company knows how difficult and how much time and money it will take to replace you. They will wait until it is a matter they can control on their terms, therefore you are probably in the firing line!

4. Evidence indicates that a very high percentage of people who take counter offers from their employer are back on the job market within a year. It often just doesn’t work out the way they told you it would!

5. Its a dangerous game to resign in the hope that your company will want to keep you on board. Like a long shot do you?

If you have explored your career opportunities and current job with your employer and still feel the need to explore how CNA Executive Search, iGaming, Mobile & Social Media could help you meet your career aspirations in a new career challenge, why don’t you give me a call on +44 7838 206602 or email me at gavin.chase@cnaint.com. 


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What we do at the Social Media Headhunter

social media jobs & careers

If your company is missing the cutting edge of sophisticated social business to attract top talent then perhaps you need to use the services of boutique social media recruiters. CNA Executive Search can help you find the talent you need via targeted recruitment engagement techniques. Give us a call on +44 121 702 1481 to find out more or email Gavin Chase, Social Media Headhunter  at gavin.chase@cnaint.com.

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